Permanently change printer margins in CUPS

With the printer I am using, the text always extends part of the way into the margins, resulting in it getting cut off. Is there any way to change the margins for a printer?

You can set altitude to high or low for up and down the page.
If the paper size is correct in your app you are printing from, the printer margins should be correct.
You can normally set the margins in the app you want to print fom.

The paper size is correct. I can set the margins in a program, but that requires me changing them every single time I print, which I don’t want to do.

How do I set the altitude?

can you perhaps help us a little by telling us what printer you are using; which printer driver you are using; which programme(s) you are experiencing this problem with?

are you using 32bit or 64 bit Suse;
you are using 11.1?
you are using KDE? (version number) or Gnome?

and you installed from a live CD or a live DVD?

… because your problem seems an unusual one …

I am using a brother dcp 8065dn. The problem occurs with both the company’s ppd file, the company’s binary driver, and the postscript driver. This printer model does not have native support in CUPS. I cannot say the full extent of the problem, but it does occur with okular when a PDF takes up most of the page with the default .17 in margins, but not with .25 in margins (which I have to set by hand every time I try to print). I am using KDE 4.2 on opensuse 11.1. I am using a 64-bit system installed from the DVD.

so it is a networked printer, running on a company system?

OpenPrinting talks about the printer; it is the source for printing information on linux;

OpenPrinting database - Printer: Brother DCP-8065DN

those commenting on your printer comment they could not test it through USB, only over a network;

have a read; I will try to find time later in the day to read more; other forum members may be able to chip in

this link

is the entry point for printer driver information on open printing

Yes, the printer is being used over the network in a university. Margins are fine on windows. I already checked out the openprinting database, that is how I found out how to get the ppd file. In fact I picked this printer based partially based on the openprinting database info.

I can set the margins in a program, but that requires me changing them every single time I print, which I don’t want to do.

I am having the same problem. I want to change the margins for the PDF-printer permanently to zero.
They are set to 25,4mm (bottom+top) and 31,75mm (left+right) by default.

I am scanning a lot and then create PDFs from the JPGs
(gwenview -> overview -> select pictures -> print -> pdf)

Does anyone have a clever solution for this? :nerd: