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After upgrading to 42.2 (from 13.3), perl was downgraded from 5.21 (roughly) back to 5.18. I do use some features introduced in the 5.20 series and would need to get up to at least that level. There is a “staging” version for per 5.24 on but it cannot be installed without conflict. As the packaging work was already done for earlier openSUSE versions, I was wandering whether those perl versions could be made available somewhere. I strongly suppose that this is an issue for a larger user base.

Thank you in advance.

This could have something to do with the way you upgraded. Saying “upgrading” only tells us that you went from one version to another higher one, but nothing about which of the many possibilities to do so you used. So please explain.

Also sometimes people are a bit sloppy in setting up the correct list of repositories when “upgrading”. So please post

zyper lr -d

I did the upgrade using the zypper distribution upgrade way as described on the wiki. So I am on all the 42.2 repositories. The downgrade is of course intentional owing to the new LEAP strategy (which I endorse) to unify the LEAP and enterprise repositories (at least the base ones). If you are on 42.2 you check yourself with perl -v that you are running 5.18. The philosophy behind LEAP is to start from a solid base (enterprise) and then selectively upgrade packages for which a newer version is needed. My request is about newer perl versions which have been packaged before and just need to be made available.

When I use, I find a 5.24.0 version on a home repo of M0ses. Is that the one you say that gives you installation problems? In that case it is better IMHO to contact the repo owner.

Like practically all other Development languages,
You can install and use Perl from the Perl repos using the PPM tool.
Should you choose to use the modules from CPAN instead of openSUSE, your perl will generally be managed and used completely separately from what you find from openSUSE, and will generally not be relative to any openSUSE version.

I’m less familiar with Perl than other languages (I haven’t had the need as often),
If you haven’t looked into this before, you should try starting with the following links


Yes, I will go the local route. There is perlbrew that allows to install a given perl version in your home-folder.