Perl Modules Installations from Repo and CPAN updates

A couple while ago I needed some Perl modules which were not available on my standard TW repos so I installed them from CPAN.
This process put a Perl5 subdirectory in my personal directory where I promptly forgot about it.
Recently I renamed this directory en route to getting rid of it altogether, only to find that I needed it again. All now working as required but this has raised a couple of questions as I note that the Perl5 subdirectoy has contents such as:-
perl5/lib/perl5/5.28.0 which all date from when I first installed.

So how should I arrange these modules to be updated if they were from CPAN and where should I have installed CPAN rather than have it on my personal home directory?

No reply but I may have answered my own question as I believe there is another repo which has all the perl modules if I could just get it into my repos.

I have it now and this is the repo.


Will remove CPAN installation.

Note that all the repositories for the various coding languages are at the following location, and you can browse them using a web browser


Hi Tsu and many thanks. Useful link which I have not used before, even without the oopensuse typo!. My perl problem was that I had been pointed in wrong direction by installation instructions, hence I used cpan etc. and wasted some time.
I have now removed the unwanted stuff as the repo has all I need.
Once again, thanks,

Yeah, been there done that with CPAN…
And, when the time comes note that there is already a separate Perl 6 repository…


And if there isn’t it is very easy to make an rpm with cpanspec… openSUSE:Packaging Perl - openSUSE Wiki