Perl Math::GSL, GSL & BLAS in openSUSE


I am having considerable trouble in getting Perl’s Math::GSL installed on openSUSE 11.0. I am working on AMD Turion 64 X2, 2Gb RAM and perl 5.10.0. First I had trouble with older versions of GSL. Now, after getting that compiled from source it seems that Math::GSL does not like the way the BLAS library available from the SUSE repositories was compiled. Has anyone had problems with this?


I have no direct answer to your question, but I am interested when you get one :wink: I need it for something too.
Octave is using BLAS, so it must be supported somehow. I need it as part of it++, will soon look into that.

Yes, Octave uses BLAS without problems. However, it is Math::GSL which cries about BLAS. I am not entirely sure about the solution. I will have to try to compile BLAS from source anyway but I wanted to ask if someone in this forum had experience with the problem.

The problem is the gsl version. For some strange reason 11 ships with
1.9 using cpan installing Math::GSL::Vector::Test it identified wanting
gsl 1.11. So if you download 10.3 versions of gsl and gsl-devel from;

Then you can remove the old (newer??) versions of gsl and install the
1.11 versions;

sudo zypper rm gsl gsl-devel

cd to your download location;

sudo rpm -Uhv gsl-1.11*
sudo rpm -Uhv gsl-devel-1.11*

Then use cpan to install.

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Yes, to upgrade to GSL 1.11 was the solution.