Periscope Subtitle Download Script - How to Install?

Can anyone, please, help with installing Periscope subtitle download script in OpenSuse? Periscope is a python module for searching subtitles online and only the tar.gz can be downloaded from its website periscope - Python module searching subtitles on the web. Used in plugins for the GNOME desktop. - Google Project Hosting. I would very much appreciate some help.

Hello, welcome here.

  1. it is spelled openSUSE.

  2. The volunteers here allways want to know what version of openSUSE you are using.

  3. On using such a tarball there can only be general remarks to begin with. Of course download it first and put it in some directory of it’s own so you have the whole thing nicely separted from your family fotos, etc. Then unpack it in situ. You can use tar for it, but when you are using a desktop environment GUI (you did not explain and thus we do not know if you use one, let alone which one, KDE, Gnome, other), you can browse to it with a file browser (Dolphin, Nautilus?) ans then clicking on it most probably something like Ark is offered to unpack it (on the spot). Then search in there for a file called something like READ.ME or similar. Open it and read it for documentation. Then come back her if you need assistance.

Thank you Henk,

In the meantime I have solved the problem. Although there is no readme file, it is enough to unpack the tar to its own directory and then in this directory to run:

sudo python install

Perhaps it helps somebody.

Nice you found it. These tarballs can contain everything and what to do with them differs. And when they do not provide dosumentation, you are sentenced to trial and error .