Periodic Network Shutdown

I am using Suse 10.3 on a pc with a 82541GI/PI gigabit ethernet controller and I cannot get the network to remain active. I have eth0 set up for DHCP and upon bootup or after a manual network restart,…I can ping others on the network in addition to others being able to ping me. However, this only lasts for about 30-60 sec and then the ping will no longer work(in or out). All of the info I can find still shows the same DHCP address and that it still exists. I cannot ping or browse the web until I do an ifup/ifdown or network restart. After this,…it comes back and works fine for the same amount of time,…then quits again.

When I use a Ubuntu 6.06 live CD the network interface works fine and I never have any issues pinging or browsing the web.

Can someone help me?