Periodic hangs, freezes, hesitations or delays

Thought that we had asked about this once before -but- could not find it. So, it was either our imagination or we didn’t. Anywho, the problem that we are experiencing is … the system will hang, freeze, hesitate or delay cursor movement randomly. The mouse is moved and the cursor stays put… then it moves. Just updated to KDE 4.8.1 and it is still doing it. Have had complete system lock-ups, twice, that required a Power Off restart. Those were closer to the initial install aftermath and haven’t had one lately. However, the cursor delays are kind of annoying.

Anyone else experiencing this phenomenon?? And/or possibly have a fix for it??


I have occasional lockups (freezes). Those are related to graphics driver problems, at least in my case. I have not had the other problems, so I’m guessing that those are also graphics related.