Performance Tips?

I just put SUSE on a Dell desktop at my office and have performance issues once I enable my second monitor, PC specs are below:

P4 2.2GHZ
2GB DDR-400
OpenSUSE 10.3

Performance is fine until I enable my second monitor and then scrolling and switching tabs and loading images comes to a crawl. I have installed the latest one-click-install drivers from but that made no difference.

I don’t mean to talk to simply, but just want to be sure everything was run correctly:

Once you installed the Nvidia drivers, did you run the sax2 -r command in a terminal? If not, when you install the Nvidia 1-click driver, reboot your system, and once you log back in, open a terminal window, and login as a SuperUser with the su command, and when prompted, enter your root password. Once you are logged in as root, issue the command sax2 -r. This will load the configuration settings for your video, keyboard, mouse, etc. Now, I am not POSITIVE, and please keep that in mind about the following, but checking the Dual Head Mode box may improve your settings for your dual-monitor setup. Once you enter the settings you like, press the OK button, and then the Save button in the prompt to save and exit from Sax2. Now, you must restart the X-Server. To do this, in the terminal window, enter the command init 3 (note that this will close all opened programs and you will not be able to view this page). This will drop you to the CLI (Command Line Terminal). Here, enter your username and then your password to login. Once logged in, enter the command startx to start the X-Server again and your Desktop will load again. This is just a suggestion and I’m not sure, since I have not really worked with dual-monitors in any great extent, but it’s worth a try.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Holy **** that worked. I love you more than words can say!

I guess what was happening was I was running 2 X Servers so my performance was just bunk!

Glad to help. :slight_smile: