Performance Issues for 12.1 and Virtualbox

I am attempting to improve the performance of 12.1 running under VirtualBox.

It takes 2 minutes plus after hitting the grub boot, through login, though the point where the desktop appears in a usable manner. After that, ordinary functions like launching firefox, or starting the file manager, take a relative long time.

I have assigned 1.3GB ram, 90MB video, 1 processor, acceleration, to the VM. (I only have a two processor box so I can spare only one for VB)I had noticed with lower ram it did swap.

The host OS reports only minimal cpu after the VM gets going. The 12.1 guest OS top shows minimal cpu, and no swapping.

So, is this expected behavior for SuSE in a VM? Or, will 12.1 performance improve in VM after it makes general release? What can I do to make 12.1 run faster on my present hardware?