performance issue radeon - feature issue fglrx

I just put in my desktop a AMD radeon HD7879e6 if I use the radeon driver, I can use all screen. but glxgears only shows me a 50-60fps performcance.

When activated the flgrx driver, I could see all 6 screen in AMD/ATi Control Center but can only activate 5 screens. performance shows me 200fps in glxgears.


is the HD7XXX still so badly suported by the open radeon drivers?

Is there any restriction on screen use with the fglrx drivers?

Is that xgears with multi monitors. You do know that multiple monitors is bound to have an effect on performance. You are sharing the same hardware across multiple screens

radon may not be up to supporting that many screens

Ask AMD about fglrx drivers. I would not think there was a restriction but who knows???

FGLRX: 5 screens = 200fps with glxgears
RADEON : 6 screen = 50-60fps with glxgears

means 3-4 times the performances and you feel it.

Put in a second card really multiple monitors require more hardware. And yes Iโ€™d expect the radeon not to be as good as the proprietary driver. Why the proprietary does not support 6 I donโ€™t know you have to query AMD about that.