Perfect installation but desktop totally distorted unusable - help

Installed latest release 13.1 like a dream alongside windows xp. Grub good, partitions everything correct, but when I log in all I can see is broken diagonal lines and cannot reboot.

Machine is AMD64 pc clone I put together myself. Works perfectly on XP, Graphics card is a geforce nVidia 6150SE.

Any ideas, not yet very confident on linux command line but IT background so if anyone has a detailed explanation of what to do that’d be great. Thanks in advance.


had the same issue with my laptop. it’s your nVidia card. main KDE desktop driver does not work with it.(have exactly the same chipset on my laptop. I think my is G6153)
not sure what will be the best way for you, but I simply did install using LXDE desktop.
it works with nuveu driver (not sure what the proper name but it is a default driver supplied)
after you install, you can setup the proper nVidia driver and install full KDE desktop if you like.

Sounds like a graphics driver issue.
Try to boot to “Recovery Mode” (you find that in “Advanced Options”), does it work then?

I would suggest to install the proprietary nvidia driver.

See here:

You need the G02 driver, i.e. the one labelled “For GeForce 6 and GeForce 7” on that page.
You should be able to install it in “Recovery Mode”, afterwards reboot and the normal boot/login should be fine as well.