Per-user authentication when printing to windows server?

When using yast2 to configure a connection to “Print Via Server Machine - Microsoft Windows/SAMBA (SMB/CIFS)”, the connection settings pane has a field “Authenticate As” with “User” and “Password” fields which appear mandatory (if not specified, the job just gets stuck in the print queue with authentication failure).

On my Fedora laptop, I can alternatively choose “Prompt user when authentication is required”. When sending off a print job, a window will then pop up and authentication information can be entered on a per user/per job basis.

Is equivalent functionality also available on OpenSUSE 11.1? I am configuring an LTSP server with many users, and the Windows print server authenticates against our central university information system (not my choice…), which means the user names and passwords are sensitive and there is no way that any can be entered globally and available for all users on the linux side. The windows server presumably also does some printing accounting, so it’s crucial that authentication is entered per user.