Pepper Flash and Chromiun


Adobe Flash gives trouble in Chromiun, goggle for the solution and I read I have to install pepper-flash which is in the repositories. ok, fine, but anyone has experience something bad afer doing it ? do I have to un-install adobe flash plug-in ?

Pepper Flash is Adobe Flash.

If you have no need for Adobe Flash outside Chromium, you can safely uninstall the flash plugin and simply use Pepper.

No problems here on multiple machines.

I installed pepper-flash on several for those who prefer to use chromium, but have not uninstalled the Adobe flash. It is still used by Firefox on those same systems, for those who prefer to use Firefox.

thank you, so they don’t interfere with each other, good. I may go with Rekonq as main browser now, however but good to know I can install both.

Rekonq (and all other browsers except Chrome/Chromium) doesn’t use pepper-flash though, so in this case you must keep the standard flash-player if you want to have Flash support.

Regarding your original post: “Adobe Flash”, i.e. the standard flash-player, does not give problems in Chrome/Chromium. It just isn’t used any more.
Chrome/Chromium dropped support for Netscape plugins in version 35, and only support their own pepper plugins since then.

so you’re saying that the flash plug-in that should be used is pepper-flash. Ok, guess it’ll be the standard soon.

I’m saying that Chrome and Chromium can only use pepper-flash.

Whereas all other browsers can only use the standard flash-player.

Ok, guess it’ll be the standard soon.

None of the other browsers can use pepper plugins (yet?).
The standard is still NPAPI (Netscape plugins).
Just Google decided to divert and not support that any more, probably because they are the only one that provide a current Flash plugin for Linux (they licensed/bought it from Adobe)…

No idea whether any other browser will support the pepper API soon, or if that’s even possible.

Thank you for the information. I’ll simply jump to Rekong for the websites that fail under Chromium, maybe with time I’ll just use Rekong as main browser.