penSUSE doesn't wake up after installation

Hello everybody,
Sorry if the same thread was already but after quick search I didn’t find it. I’m a very new to linux.
Well, the problem is: after perfect installation (suse 11.1) system says that video card will be probed, display may flicker. After that display goes to power save mode and doesn’t wake up any more. After reboot when selected start from hard disk after loading linux kernel the problem is repeated. Re install and any other operation brings me to the same result.
Motherboard: MSI K9A2GM V3, Video internal - Chipset
AMD® 740 and SB700 Chipset

Thank you.

It looks like you have a problem detecting the video card and monitor. Do you have a radeon or nvidia video card - the type isn’t mentioned on the msi site?
When you do the install, you get a choice of video mode on the boot up screen. (One of the F-keys, at the bottom of the screen) Try using 800x600 and the ‘safe’ option.
Also, uncheck the box that says ‘automatic settings’ when you install.

If all goes well, you should now get a display and be able to complete the install.
To fix the video, have a look at the how-to’s on the site for radeon or nvidia cards.

Video is a Radeon 2100, did as you recommended, display is freezen with light coloured vertical strips in low resolution, the same was before too just in high resolution.
Found that people had such problem with this onboard card under linux.
Anyway, thanks.

If I remember correctly, the autodetect of hardware warns you that it is going to detect the display. Try clicking the cancel to complete the install and then booting to run-level 3 to download and install the radeon drivers.
You can still use yast in a console mode, just type yast.

it was a manufactures problem with video chipset, in windows it happened also. Changed today a mainboard, installed suse and everything works fine. Almost happy!
Thank you for support :wink: