Penmount serial touchscreen controller under OpenSuse 11.3 (Xorg 7.5)

I’m here asking help for correct setup of penmount controller under Xorg 7.5, where at least the configuration structure has changed in directory xorg.conf.d.
I’m using OpenSuse 11.3, and there are several issues regarding the driver from penmount website.
Let’s suppose the penmount controller is a serial one (PM9000) and it is located at /dev/ttyS0.

The penmount driver (precompiled) from mfr generates an xorg.conf file. I created a rule called 11-touchscreen.conf into xorg.conf.d, just changing the section “InputDevice” into the created xorg.conf to “InputClass”. I do not know very well how this rule could match other devices, but with this configuration the xorg server freezes.

I tried also the driver from evdev. Using inputattach --penmount /dev/ttyS0 something happens. The pointer responds to the finger press, but it is always on the right bottom corner. This is done even without the touchscreen rule, but I don’t know wich device driver is matched (may be evdev matching every touschscreen, from evdev configuration rule?).
I was wondering that the trouble was calibration, and I downloaded, built and installed xinput_calibrator. The application detects wrong touch positions and does not allow the calibration to be performed. Probably the position of the pointer is always the same (or it is outside the boundaries of the screen?)

I am moving back to OpenSuse 11.2 (I’m using integrated intel chipset and I need nomodeset to get the 11.3 system working…), where the driver should be fully supported. However, since I hope to get a full support of this controller, I appreciate suggestions about the correct (and possibly definitive: on every platform I tested the producer’s driver makes strange things, such as creating a totally wrong xorg.conf file…) way to configure open source drivers.

Thanks in advance