Penmount COM port "problem"

I am pretty much new to suse. Our customer needed to install a panel PC with version 12.3 … everything went down smoothly right into the moment of making the touchscreen working, the driver was not detecting it … so I changed the settings of the COM ports in terminal and restarted window X, touch was then working perfectly … Unfortunately that was true only to the moment I rebooted the PC, then the COM settings reverted to “default”, how can I save the edited COM settings (IRQ) so they load after the reboot. Basically create a new default for system launch? … Thank you in advance, as I noticed first experience with Suse, so this might be a very dumb question :slight_smile:

I assume you used the ‘setserial’ command to configure the serial ports as you required. You could add the commands to a script as described here