Pegasus Mail : Transfer an entire user environment from MSFT OS into wine / pegasus on opensuse 15.2

Hello All,

@admin if there is a special ‘wine’ group OK to move post there.

So my wife has been using Pegasus mail on her PC with the other OS for many years.
The goal is to migrate the entire environment to opensuse.
Installing wine and Pegasus went somewhat OK.
However the data migration is not clear.
Pegasus is telling that it can’t find the user name.

What’s the proper solution? Anyone done this?

Please no suggestions to change email tool or use virtualbox.


Hi Gert
Have a read here:

You also might want to try the trial version of codeweavers crossover as a test?


The material on that page is quite brief. The ‘HowTo’ section is empty and under ‘Test Results’ they mention an unrelated html issue.

What I try to understand in my above observation is about the unknown user. Is that some reference to ‘Windows’ user (as Pegasus thinks it is running on a Windows OS?) ?? If so, how do we tell it to user a particular user name? Or is it referring to a user account under linux? How would it know?

Any feedback is appreciated.


As long as it’s detecting the network from in the wine instance, then it would be the email account password.