PeerGuardian for Linux?

I was thinking if there is any software like PeerGuardian that can plock p2p IPs
for Linux?
I use the Transmission BT client and i didnt see any IP filter/PeerGuardian block list in it, like it is i kTorrent.
And running PeerGuardian in Wine didnt work very well as they said on Wine Application Database.

So is there any PeerGuardian like software with GUI for Linux?

Go to the source Phoenix Labs » PeerGuardian Linux which explains what you can do.

I saw that Azureus had an IP filter built in, so i did just go to *(
And downloaded level1 (P2P) and added it under Azureus >>> IP Filter >>> Load Automatically and i did put the list under “File with IP Filter” and then hit the “Load Now” button and then p2p filter should be loaded under Azureus.

But thanks anyway :)*