Peazip will not archive - It reports an error (127)

create archive
etc etc





All operation result in a seperate window displaying the progress of the compression but with an error.

Error 127, cannot execute requested operation.

Then when the progress bar reaches full it resets and then resets again continuing the same loop with it becoming slower with every repetition. There is no information posted in the report log of the window. Except that the task has started.

I’m trying to simply archive a file and password protect it. This shouldent be such a difficult task. Please post a solution or an alternative. Thank you.

P7zip also gives me its own set of errors when archiving.

Error 127 is the exit code of p7zip chen it encounters unexpected errors: usually not depend on the data (i.e. finding the input, or writing to the output) but rather it is the executable itself reporting internal errors.
To understand why p7zip cannot successfully run on your system (i.e. missing dependencies, or mismatching libraries versions) it should be started on console, so you can read the full output of the error instead of the exit code only.