PeaZip startup error

when i try to start PeaZip 5.4.0 i get the following error:“Error reading ShellTreeView1.Images: Unknown property: “Images”.Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.Press Cancel to kill the program”. I use OpenSUSE 13.1 x64 KDE i’m not sure if it’s a suse or PeaZip issue. any help appreciated

You need to describe how you installed PeaZip, from openSUSE repos or somewhere else?

If you’re not sure, post the results of the following

zypper info peazip

here it is: Information for package peazip:-------------------------------Repository: devel:languages:pascal Name: peazip Version: 5.4.0-1.1 Arch: x86_64 Vendor: obs:// Installed: Yes Status: up-to-date Installed Size: 25.0 MiB Summary: Free Zip files utility PS:i don’t get why the forum insists on not letting me start new papagraphs and crams everything into one line of text

There is not right compiled.
peazip must compiled with Lazarus >= 1.2.0.
I have make an request for lazarus 1.2.4.
And you can download peazip from my repo

till original repo is updated.

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