PDFbox 1.5 pdf to image convertion results in blank image on opensuse 11.4

Hi all,

I am using apache pdfbox box 1.5 with openjdk i.6.0_0 on opensuse 11.4 32-bit (minimal install, as provided by amazon ec2). The problem is that when I use the apache pdfbox tool to convert a pdf to an image the image is blank. I am using the exact same application on opensuse 11.2 (default install from opensuse 11.2 dvd) with no problems.

I suspect there are issues caused by uninstalled packages. I installed several font packages and Image manipulation packages with no success. Any ideas?


I use kpdftool for that, it’s a standalone executable. It can also merge, split, protect, convert, etc. There are many other options as well - GIMP, for example, can open a PDF, each page as an image that you can save separately or selectively.

About dependencies, either use Yast to install if there is a repo for the app - it will solve all dependencies for you if possible at all - or check the app/programmer site for a list of the required packages and install each package manually.

Edit: Oops, minimal install, so no X/graphics/GUI, right? In this case perhaps imagemagick may be an option? I know you can convert many formats with it.

I use:

pdftoppm -png <some_more_opts>

Works well for me.

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