PCM volume is set to 0 after every restart

Hi all.
There was no sound on my system then I discovered that the PCM volume was 0, I changed it to 100 and the sound was back o track, but after every restart the PCM volume changes back to 0, how can I set the 100 value to PCM as default ?
Thank you in advance.

OpenSuse 11.2

There was once a time when one could set up PCM/their mixer EXACTLY how they like it, and then run the alsactl program (as root) to permanently store your mixer channel settings :

alsactl store 

However in this day and age of pulse audio, that no longer works as well, and hence I can not offer any specific suggestions.

Try this:

Install alsamixer, if you don’t have it already.
Open a terminal window, start ‘alsamixer’, adjust PCM to desired level. Esc to exit alsamixer. Now Logoff from the desktop and log back in.

Let us know what happens.

Also: which desktop? KDE/GNOME/Other