pci-e ati x1650pro drivers

i`m new on linux. when i installed opensuse 11.0 it shows me that my video card has no 3d support (it should have), so i cant run Xgl. maybe anyone can help to fix this problem?

go into yast2 and software repositories > add > community repositories and add the ati repository then go into software management search for kernel look through what is found and add the kernel source and install it then use the filter drop down goto repositories then ati click on the ati for your kernel then reboot you should have 3d support

there is one prblem, i have changed my driver from original to X11-video-fglrxG01 and now my system can`t recognize this driver. how can I roll back system changes to have original driver which was installed with linux.

that drivers givs me this info: "
x11-video-fglrxG01 - X Window display driver for the ATI graphics accelerators

Display driver files for the ATI RADEON (8500 and later), MOBILITY RADEON (M9 and later), RADEON XPRESS IGP and FireGL series of graphics graphics accelerators. This package provides 2D display drivers, control panel source coude and hardware accelerated OpenGL." my vga is x1650, and i instaled those new kernels, but still nothing works in 2d mode ]. plz help someone

to role back go into yast again software management and go up to find again repositores goto ati then at the bottom goto the version tab and if you have added more than one it will show up all that you have added and then put a check in a previous driver