Pc run Only from Live Cd failsafe option Only!

My Pc its still starting only from Live Cd failsafe option-I installed a fresh system on a hard drive but this is not working(in the normal mode my pc freez on first green screen–in the failsafe option run from the hard drive its going fin --but I’m stack after login on =>i type the user name and password and I’m logg on but don’t know what to do next…?Can anybody help me?


You must now type:


and it will start your Graphical User Interface for you. But really this shouldn’t be happening in the first place where you have to type that to get the gui. Could you please give us some specifications of your system such as how much memory you have and the graphics card in your computer.

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Hi–Thank You very much–its working now from the hard drive–that was first time when i was able to use my pc from it since last november:)
I will try update the sytem and see if its still going to work:)
The problem with the pc what i have its to his motehboard–i have it to reapir ones and they said its not going to work at all–but i was determend to make it work --i instal linux live cd and the pc alive:)
One more time thank You very much