PC or Monitor?


I just bought a refurbished Dell XPS 8700 and a new Crossover 27Q monitor. The Dell came without an OS, which probably should have been a red flag, but I thought it would be no problem to put Linux on it. It is a problem. I have tried various distros and the most successful seems to be OpenSUSU with the UEFI/secure boot enabled. Here is a video of what happens at startup. Sometimes I can see the Welcome screen but this is typical. My first dilemna, is this a monitor problem or a PC problem? The video card is a Radeon 7570.


Can you start up in recovery mode? That might get a basic working desktop environment for you. Then, you might consider trying the proprietary AMD driver that may support the graphics hardware better.


Well, AFAICS the corruption already starts on the BIOS screen with the Dell logo, before the boot menu appears, so it’s definitely no software/graphics driver issue.

I would check the cables first, maybe they are not connected correctly.

Try a different cable if possible.

Maybe try a different PC on this monitor, or the same PC on a different monitor to find if it’s the PC’s or Monitor’s fault.

I would suspect the graphics card more though.
Do you have onboard graphics in addition to the graphics card maybe?
You could try this then instead of the card, you may have to take out the card though.

Sorry, missed that. I didn’t play the video, just saw what I though might be X-server related.

Yes, worth checking all cables/hardware, and trying a discrete graphics card (if one is at hand)…

Yes. Check the pins on the cable connections, wiggle the cable to see if there is a broken wire, wiggle the connectors, pull the graphic card out (with the PC off, of course) and reseat it, wiggling it as you reseat it to remove oxidation from the contacts. As mentioned above, if there is an onboard card, pull the add-in card out & enable the onboard, etc.

Good luck