PC freezes when trying to reboot or power off

Hi all.

At least 50% of the times, every time I restart or power off Tumbleweed, the PC freezes. I can try via terminal or GUI, it’s the same.

It either freezes right when I click/give the command or a couple of seconds after, and a white led on my laptop’s keyboard starts to blink. I can only hard reset to proceed.

This is only happening on Tumbleweed, not with other distros or Windows.

It’s basically a simple Tumbleweed KDE installation without the extra KDE apps. And I have four flatpaks installed: Haruna, Firefox, ffmpeg-full, Elisa. I don’t even have opi or packman enabled.

I have the current Nvidia drivers installed (Nvidia G)06.

General specs: 16GB RAM, Intel i9 13th gen with iGPU, Nvidia dGPU 4080.
Adding that I use an external monitor with USB-C to DisplayPort.

Do you have any suggestion to troubleshoot this or at least investigate further?

I am having issues with a Lenovo laptop with an Intel and NVIDIA GPU. My issues are not during reboot/poweroff but more random freezes after using the NVIDIA GPU.

I suspect it is the NVIDIA drivers not playing well together with Wayland. Are you using Wayland or X11?

I have tried both the proprietary NVIDIA drivers and the nouveau drivers. Both result in crashes when switcing back from NVIDIA to Intel. Much better nouveau drivers should be on their way, so I am crossing my fingers and not using the NVIDIA GPU under Wayland for now… (I have not done any serious testing with X11)

Hope this helps - it’s my 2 (euro) cents :wink:


Hi, thanks for caring to answer!

I am using Xorg, because on KDE there’s a process (kwin_wayland, with Wayland indeed) that uses a lot of my CPU for nothing.

I will still try to remove and re-install the proprietary Nvidia drivers. These are necessary to me to use external monitor’s audio. :')