Pay for a driver in Opensuse11

Hi to all Linux Cracks,

I did a lot to integrate my Rocket Raid rr1740 controllerwith 3 additional disks (Not Bootdisk) on a Opensuse11.
It does not work with the LiveOS11 CD, and can’t compile the driver.

I will pay (50Euro)for the first who can help me to get a working driver for Opensuse11!
I am not able to do this >:(
Thanks rotfl!

What problem are you having compiling ? providing you have gcc/gcc++, kernel sources,kernel syms & make installed,it should compile.Even though i haven’t got rocketraid, i just tried compiling it as an experiment & it compiled o.k.


The way I read the OP, it’s not compiled on the live CD and in place
with the live cd kernel?

To the OP, create a live CD on a usb key, then on a separate system
build the module for the kernel on the USB and copy it over. You may
need to add the insmod option at boot time.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Hi Andy,

I did install make and gcc, binutils.
What rr1740 driver should I use? The one for Opensuse 9-10.02 or the Linux Open Source Driver, or the sles9-10? Welcome to HighPoint…" RocketRAID -Terabyte Storage Technologies" under Support –> Bios + Driver –> Internal RAID HBA → RocketRAID 1740.

i compiled from source. Used the source file from here

make sure you have what i put in my previous post,e.g. kernel source,gcc/gcc++,make,kernel syms


Hi Andy,

I reinstalled the hole system, but I am not able to compile this. I have a ssl-vpn box to connect without software to my linuxbox. Would it be possible to do that for me? I will pay for that!
If yes, I can send you the login and passwords.


I installed OS11 again without an automatic update. Now I could do make and make install!!!
If I start insmode rr174x then the speaker from this raidkontroller makes a lot of noise…
I think maybe the opensourcedriver from Hightpoint ist not ready for os11.

I decided to go back to OS10.3 and the installation and configuration was with no problem!
I can access the raid! I will stay till the next mayor version from os11.