Pause in startup of of apps, etc. - link request?

Hi All: I’m just curious - I upgraded to 15.4 from 15.3 on my main computer (KDE / HP ZBook) and I notice now that all apps, etc., take noticeable time to start up - about a 5-7 second pause. I assume this is a system-level file integrity check feature, against, say, a checksum or something? (a security feature) Everything else seems to occur at the exact same speed as 15.3. Can someone give me a link to help me understand?

Thanks! :grinning:

hello, sorry for thread hijacking, but i could use some help with learning what i need to be doing to be able to start a topic

I’m not looking over your shoulder, so I’m not sure what you are seeing.

When I look at a list of topics (such as the main page), I see:

“+ New Topic”

near the top right of the screen. Just clicking on that should start a new topic.

Navigate to the appropriate category you wish to start the topic in, then use the “New Topic” button…

AFAIK there is no such feature introduced with 15.4

Neither of my 15.4 machines, also upgraded from 15.3, exhibit that behaviour; applications take the same time to start as under 15.3

You need to start looking for other reasons for slow startup, any background processes running that are hogging CPU or disk IO.

i see the button, but it is greyed out and unclickable. i only just joined the forums, so that may be the reason

No, nothing else unusual - System Monitor shows zero cpu load. Huh. Maybe it’s just my imagination. Sorry.
Glad the other fellow got his question answered… :grinning:

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Perhaps, perhaps not… no need to apologise.

Not a very accurate method but using ‘time dolphin’ to start dolphin, and, as soon as the GUI appears, closing dolphin, gives me this on one of my 15.4 systems:

paul@HP255G7:~> time dolphin

real    0m2.281s
user    0m0.445s
sys     0m0.179s

and most of those 2 seconds is probably due to my rather poor reaction time… :slight_smile:

When I issue “time dolphin” or “time konsole” (in konsole) - they come up instantly! Weird. 5-7 seconds for both when clicked on KDE icons. Curiouser and curiouser…

That’s possible. The forum admins are experimenting with what limitations are appropriate for new users. Perhaps this is an experimental error.

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Create a new test user and see if the delay is also there, although offhand I can’t think of what in your existing user profile may be causing the issue.

Leap 15.4, Mate desktop.
I had a similar issue few weeks ago;

  • Start Pluma, Caja took 5-7s
  • Long delay at end of boot; After top and bottom Mate panels and mouse cursor appear, background is black, it take 7s to get the (default green) background and 20s to see the desktop icons.

I had the opportunity to run 15.4 with the delay (boot and app) issue then to reinstall 15.4. The issue disappears at first but when I added some programs the issue came back.
Now after some updates I can’t reproduce the program starts but have still the issue at boot.
One of the programs I added is flatpak.

Did you look at your storage device health monitoring, info center? I had problems with the OS slowing down months ago in 15.4. I looked at the SMART status and found that my SSD was failing.

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Not problem with my /dev/nvme0n1;
No Errors Logged
Critical Warning: 0x00

Moreover, on wife small box, with same OS and desktop, almost same installed programs: Same issue, long delay (5-7s) between click on the icon and program window opened for some programs. Same delay at the end of boot.

Do you have /home/user/.cache?
Try deleting the content.

There is a LOT of stuff (4.5 GB of files and subdirs) in ~/.cache - are you sure deleting all that is safe?

Is that a YaST function?

Edit: Hah! found it… Smartmontools…

I always delete those without problem.
If you’re not comfortable or have doubt rename the .cache folder and restart x, it will create a new .cache folder after you login.

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Thanks. Good idea. :grinning:

Cache is cache. It’s always safe to delete cache if the program that owns it isn’t running, and usually even if it is running. That cache is there primarily to speed program starts. Stale content there can cause inexplicable behavior. Cache actually needed gets regenerated automatically. It makes sense to periodically delete this cache, to ensure program updates haven’t made it stale.