Pattern and Packages

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I just want help about understanding on what are package and what is pattern

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When talking about a Package as found in YaST / Software / Software Management we are talking about application program management and the installation of all software required for any program or package to run. Package Management allows you to install or uninstall an application making sure you add in or can remove all packages for any software you might want to use. As for Patterns, they as a group of Packages, all related to each other for some purpose that are not all not all linked together as a requirement that Package management might pick up on and not install packages that you did not request. For instance, if you load the two KDE Patterns, you will get a whole desktop with many many packages installed for you without making individual selections. You might be able to load say the kdebase Libraries without getting any other applications that make up that set which is not very useful to you. Patterns are an attempt by our developers to load a Application program group with very few keystrokes.

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