Paths for files that Dolphin finds

When I use Dolphin to find files,how can I get it to show me the path to each file that it finds?

I rarely use Dolphin. However, just checking:

I can right click on the file and select properties.

In the properties, it gives me the file name and the “Location”. So the full path would be “Location”/“file name”.

You don’t actually need quotes there, unless there are special characters (such as spaces) in either part.

What I needed to do wasn’t obvious, but the trick was to right-click on the title bar of the search results. That gave me the choice of what information to include in the results, and **path **was one of the choices. I selected it and the path showed up, just as I wanted. I could also get the path information by clicking on a result file and then Properties, but setting the format in the title bar provides that information for all files automatically.:wink:

I’m glad you found that.