pata sata question

I’m trying to make a linux convert and he installed 11.1 but had a problem with a 3-drive setup of mixed type hard drives. I thought I read about this before but can’t find it in a search. Here is the description of the problem:

To review, there are three hard drives in the system: 2 PATA and 1 SATA. The 2 PATA HDU’s are on the primary IDE interface and the two optical drives (DVD-rom and CD-rewritable) are on the secondary IDE interface. The 2 PATA drives are identical WD600BB’s, both recognized correctly. These drives had previously been formatted to NTFS. I took the default setup from SUSE and it used only drive 0, making a system/boot partition and a swap partition–a primary and an extended/logical. SUSE recognized drive 1, the second PATA drive as NTFS and made a mount point for it, but did not mount it. I didn’t particularly need an NTFS partition on this machine and repartitioned and reformatted drive 1 to have two primary partitions of 23 GB and 32 GB (approx.) both formatted to EXT3 and both mounted at boot time to mount points created. All partitions created are recognized. There is no conflict on the PATA interface. There are no jumpers on a SATA drive (one drive, one sata interface, #1 in this case.) This concludes the description of sda, sdb, sr0, and sr1. These 4 drives are recognized.

I have this drive configuration in an XP box with no problems.

Actually sr0 and sr1 are not revealed to the user until media is inserted. However, the hardware is recognized at boot time by SUSE according to the Hardware Information provided by YaST2. Konqueror tells me that the protocol for my CD is not supported. Dolphin reads the same CD just fine. Only YaST2 has accessed the DVD drive, but without malice.

The problem here is that the SATA drive, which should be sdc, is not regcognized by SUSE. SUSE doesn’t recognize a SATA controller in the system. The system POST sees the SATA drive and identifies it as a WD5000AAKS. The SATA drive is nuked–no partition table. I do not wish to run this drive externally at USB speeds. This would be very inconvenient and would cost me an external drive case.

It appears that SUSE is using drivers for a motherboard other than the motherboard in the system, a very different motherboard. I’ve searched for SUSE or Linux specific drivers for this motherboard. ASUS only provides a Linux LAN driver. I see only one P4V8X-X motherboard (chipset) driver for SUSE offered and I don’t trust that source.

To answer your question directly, the partitioner only sees the two PATA drives.
Is anyone have any ideas, including the possibility that the mobo won’t work with 11.1?

This thread seems to suggest disabling ACPI.

Linux compatibility with ASUS P4V8X-X Mother Board -

That’s all I know, from a search. Good luck.

Thanks. I’ll pass it on. :slight_smile: