Passwordless Samba Share

hi all…

i would like to share a passwordless forlder in my susebux?

more of a common share?


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Hi try this:

put this line in [global]:

map to guest = Bad User

then make the share to be like this:

path = /pathto/share
read only = no
guest ok = yes
force user = some_real_user

Make the owner of the directory to be the person called “some_real_user” and group=users and make the permissions drwxrwxrwx

Good to go

trying this out…thanks sir SWERDNA for always being thr…

I thought I recognised your accent Greeny, welcome!

Greeny indeed…thanks sir

security = share

To use this is very handy. It definitely has a place in the home; e.g. the home music server. Remember though that to use it turns off some features of Samba, for example most of the security. E.g. if you use share level security you make all the default shares that come in Suse to be open to guests including the home directories. But certainly share level security has its place.

The modus I posted is good in a business where business-wide documents are stored available to all BUT in addition you can have other shares with restricted users, like Suse’s default roaming share. In the home the default user level security could e.g. be useful for mum and dad to protect their banking data from the teenage kdz :eek::smiley: while sharing the music freely.


never scene that one before swerdna. I use “allow users to share their home directories” at home. There is a volume mounted in /home/paul/storage that has all our movies and a synced music folder. Every one can view and write to this volume.

so that is another option kcampilan

The thing in Yast “allow users to share their…etc” is widely misunderstood. That enables the new shares called “usershares” introduced in openSUSE 10.2. These are very different from the classical sharing that is commonly used in Samba. They can be enabled for KDE users if the KDE users know about installing and configuring “usershares” from the CLI, which only a handful of users do know. Usershares are enabled through the RPM “nautilus share” for Gnome users who can R-click share folders in Nautilus.

I imagine that your sharing of /home/paul/storage is probably despite enabling “allow users to share their…etc”, but maybe you used R-click in Nautilus which uses “allow users to share their…etc”, did you?

Here’s something about usershares: Samba: Practical Introduction to Linux Usershares on openSUSE 10.2, 10.3
They’re a curiosity really, except for being a happy but misunderstood facility in Gnome.

I’ve never been a Gnome user (except in linuxMINT) so my shares are certainly KDE based. Youve got me there swerdna and I will dig a little deeper to find out how this one actually works. By that I mean to say…ok. its on the list.

(pssst, dont tell my wife there is computer shit on the list)

It’s a bit esoteric; I just put it there for info really.


how bout making this folder .READ ONLY…

already done the share…mking it read only makes this final…


done sir

just changed it to…read only = yes

my smb.conf

Public Share]
path = /home/xxx/xxx
read only = yes
guest ok = yes
force user = xxx

thanks again sir SWERDNA

FYI, this is read only as well:

[Public Share]
	path = /home/xxx/xxx
 	guest ok = yes
 	force user = xxx

Can you tell me why?

ah oki so that’s also read only…

the reason was the can publcily access the file but can’t delete…it can only be delted locally by root or the owner of the folder…

just my opinion sir…BTW thanks for the reply sir SWERDNA

The reason is that the Samba programmers have coded the default to be “read only = yes” unless you explicitly make it “read only = no” :wink:

so my reason is acceptable sir?

Yes that’s a valid interpretation/answer to my question.

If I read and understand properly - are you saying that the best place to put a “public” share is in the home directory. I have a RAID drive that I had previously mounted as \local\public and since I am starting from scratch again and have yet to mount this drive ‘home’ would be the ‘best’ or recommended place to put it? The intended use is for backup of all PC’s on my LAN - and it already has data on the drive and would be a passwordless access for user ease.


Thinking some more… would there be a way of allowing read/write but cannot delete - thinking that this way another user couldn’t inadvertantly erase by accident via samba since I am the only opensuse user and the other users are connected via samba from MAC’s and XP boxes… and having a recycle bin for the share directory that the files could be recoverd from.

Also ultimately I want to create a FTP share directory so I can tunnel in from outside would you still locate this directory as /home/ftp?

Running 10.3 Gnome

Thank you