Password protection for shared folder.


  1. I configured SAMBA server (Open Suse 11.) in our LAN and shared one folder called DATA1

  2. In permission I given full permission for everyone.

  3. Windows system can accesses DATA1 folder.

  4. Now I wants to protect DATA1 folder with password for all users.

I am working in GUI. Please suggest me.

:frowning: Please give some info.

You will see the structure and properties of the share by looking at the stanza that defines it in the Samba configuration file (smb.conf). I recommend you edit the file and change its stanza to be like this:

path = /path_to/shared_directory
read only = no
force user = billy_crystal

Then make the owner of the shared_directory to be billy_crystal and change the permissions back from drwxrwxrwx to drwxr-xr-x again.

Then add billy_crystal to the Samba user database with this command in a console:

sudo smbpasswd -a billy_crystal

You will be asked for root’s password tpo proceed, followed by your choice for the Samba password – don’t mix them up.

Then you can log into the share across the network with the username and password for billy_crystal.

It will be easier with My Lock box 3 to put a password on a desired folder so that only you can access it. If you want to learn how to hide a folder or how to lock a folder, then i can suggest you a resource.

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And it works also with a Linux-Samba-Client?

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