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I use OpenSUSE with KDE. What’s your favorite password mamager? I’ve always found KWallet highly irritating, but maybe I haven’t spent enough time configuring it. I want an application that is secure (obviously), that can generate random passwords, and that I can use to log into multiple accounts efficiently. If anyone knows of an application that I can also use on both my laptop and my phone (in sync of course), I’ll probably give you my first-born child.

If you’re primarily using web-based accounts then LastPass is great. The
browser version (Chrome and Firefox at least, Linux and other platforms
too) is free; the mobile client may cost a few dollars (US) but I am not sure.

Good luck.

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I’m using Keepass (not keepassx) on Win, Linux and Android, synchronized with Dropbox :slight_smile: It works good on all platforms.

Right, LastPass is indeed great. :wink: Actually, it took me a while when I have played with fire, as I have never never used an online password manager as part of my online safety program. But I do know Tech experts are warning every person that online passwords can be effortlessly hacked and online banks and retailers aren’t helping matters by using outdated encryption strategies. You know password hacking is relatively simple. Sooo… An intricate, unique password for every site you use is the best answer, but who can remember a long list of passwords? Indeed, using password manager software could be the answer for internet security. And, it did great help. :wink:

(+1 for keepass

I used to use the password manager in the browser (Opera), and while that almost worked great:

  • sometimes sites change the URL of the login page (my web mail used to do this every six months, or so, when they had a site re-vamp, and this very site has done it), and then you are stuffed (unless you activate the password recovery procedure)
  • also difficult if you change browsers
  • manually generating passwords produces passwords with patterns, and eventually I persuaded myself that this was not a good idea, and my passwords, although strange looking, were not that secure. Now, passwords with patterns are particularly not a good idea if you use the same, or similar, user ids on several sites, and it is particularly, particularly not a good idea if those site leak their hashed password data (but you have absolutely no control over that).

Generally, the problem of leaked password data is a more severe condition than the more obvious ‘trying to brute force the site’s password’, but it is one that is worth worrying about. Sites do leak data, maybe not often, but it does happen.

So, keepass is in repos and seems to work. has options for the character set used (eg, plain ascii characters, plus punctuation, plus special characters, etc, etc). So far, it seems to work well. The one irritant is where a site wants you to be secure, and tells you how effective. or not, a password potentially is, and then (silently) truncates the password that you try to use.

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Why keepass and not keepassx?
I use keepassx but I’m interested in knowing the advantages of keepass.