Password manager

Could someone please recommend a simple but effective password manager?

Thanks in advance.

May dpend on your desktop (which you do not mention).

KDE has Kwallet.

Thank you for the speedy response. I will try kwallet first as I normally use KDE but have been experimenting with other desktops.

kwallet should only be used for wifi/low security web passwords etc. If you want a real password manager e.g. encryption/banking passwords use keepassx

For web passwords, KDE does integrate with Konqueror, but not with Firefox.
I think there was once a FF addon for it, but I am not usre it is still maintained.

Keepassx works well for me, and has the advantage that the encrypted file is under my own control and not stashed on a cloud somewhere. It is also cross platform in that the file can be opened/modified with Keepass2 on Windows and there is an Android variant available (don’t remember its name off-hand but it also works well).

KeePassDroid is the android app you meant.
I use both for years already
And yes, I would recommend it !

I found in opensuse repos keepass, keepassx, keepassxc, keepassx2 :slight_smile: in few words which are the main differences?
manytyanks, ciao, pier :slight_smile:

In a previous thread (, I ultimately chose qpass. It is simple, encrypted and local.

You will have to add the KDE:extra repository to install it with Yast Software Management.


Lastpass is fantastic, but not local.

AIUI the original programme was Keepass which ran under Windows. It was subsequently updated to Keepass2 which was not backward compatible with Keepass.

KeepassX is a Linux programme with many, but not all, of the features of Keepass2. It reads and writes to the same database that Keepass2 uses.

No idea about keepassxc.