Password/ login problem

I am using OpenSuse 11.1

When the computer boots, I come to the welcome screen and then I have the screen with the users on the left hand side.

One user is selected by default, and the space for the password is in blank.

If I do not enter the password immediately, black dots start to appear in the password box as if there was somebody typing a password.

Could you please give me some tips of where to start looking for a solution?

Thank you,

if you do nothing what happens?

i mean, it may be set to auto-log in…you can do that you know?

it can be set to boot up to your desktop completely hands off…mine is…


I have three different users who need to log in on this computer, so I need to enter the password.

If I do nothing, I get the password box full of dots.

I wonder, is it possible that I have something similar to a virus?


Nope, not a virus, rather something wrong with the keyboard, looks like a key is hanging. Try another keyboard.

I had a box with this (almost) exact problem(but on openSUSE 10.3) - there was a KVM switch involved, and an older keyboard. Could be a BIOS problem, flaky hardware, who knows.

Anyway, the workaround was after booting, enter Ctl+ALT+F4 to get a login prompt. Then (without using the prompt) enter Ctl+ALT+F7 to get back to the graphical login, and from then until the next boot it worked.

Maybe not relevant, but something to try.

Thank you for your replies so far.

I have noticed that this problem only happens when the arrow of the mouse is on the virtual keyboard.
If I place the arrow out of the virtual keyboard, the dots stop. It is as if the virtual keys were being pressed.