Password character set - KWallet

Don’t know if this has been mentioned or discussed earlier, but I just noticed something I found a bit peculiar; the set of characters available to include in a password phrase for the KDE wallet has changed from 13.1 to 13.2.
Might get some into trouble when upgrading.

In my case, this was regarding the £ symbol, I could not reuse the password on openSUSE 13.2.

Did you change the way you enter a £ using the keyboard? I e.g. have no such character on any key of my keyboard, but can enter it (using key combinations) and it will create an U+00A3 Unicode point (encoded in UTF-8 as: x’C2A3’). But I can remember keyboards that had a £ character engraved on it in pre Unicode tiimes. I do not know what character value it created, but it must have been something in the ASCII range (only one byte) (overlapping some other ASCII character).

I have it on 3 ( 3 # £), a old Logitech PS2 keyboard (why change something that’s work?) :stuck_out_tongue: . My mouses are even older.

The problem is not in “having” it somewhere, but what is the code it generates:

henk@boven:~> echo '£' | od -x
0000000 a3c2 000a

And a3c2 should be read as c2a3 (little-endian), which is the UTF-8 encoding for 00a3 and U+00a3 is £. (See

Hi, thanks for this, I did not know how to test that.

I really did not think much of it either, the error message just mentioned something like ‘unacceptable character, only … can be used’; my two main machines, though, are running 13.1 using that same pass phrase, and, as far as I could see, using the same keyboard layout set to ‘norwegian’.


I didn’t change the way I entered it, and I too need to use a key combination to pass it; all my keyboards are standard Norwegian so the same method applies to all.

KDE 4.12 comes with a KWallet GnuPG backend, which is more secure. More info here, including how to move existing wallets.

It might be related to this, I suppose, although I did not see anything specifically concerning this. I still use the default 13.1 KDE, 4.11.

Thanks for the feedback. It is still a bit of a riddle, but the fact that they realy changed something in the background of it makes that suspicious.

Just, to correct myself, there is no change in the character set as I thought it to be.

The problem was that after the installation the keyboard layout changed/reset itself to something (globally), US I suppose; though, I did not really check that precisely.
It happened on three seperate installs, and I got a bit confused in the mix-up of passwords that worked and, actually, just the one noted which didn’t.

I should have tested and checked more before posting, though.

Both creating new password phrases and reusing existing wallets, blowfish in both cases, works fine where the £ symbol is included now.


All is well that ends well :wink:

Thanks for the feed back.

Yes, thanks:)