password after hybernate/ and router encryption help?


I am a computer science(very early) major and am trying out linux b/c I think it will be fun.

I have come across a problem that if I leave my computer alone and let it fall asleep, I get locked out and the password does not appear to be the same as my root password. I have to restart to get back on. I disabled password at logon.

I also have an issue with setting up security on my router(Belkin N1). I realized taking security off enabled it to work with linux as well as my roomates Mac. I do need to setup security on it though, so the apt complex next to me doesnt steal internet from me.

Does anyone know of a tutorial that can help me set up security for my router? One that will consider I know very little about router security and linux?

With passwords? Is there a way I can disable all the password promts? I have quite a few people I will let use my computer.

thanks for any help, I will pass on what anything I learn,

Hopefully you are not logging on as root,as this is a BIG no-no. Doing so will expose your p.c./laptop to all & sundry who want a free for all.As for wireless, have you looked at the stickies in the wireless section ? Also, posting your wireless problems there will get better results as the wireless personnel tend to frequent that area


By security you mean Wireless encryption?
Why should you have trouble with that in Nix?

Auto-login is possible as you seem to have established. But you will always need admin password for admin/su tasks
that’s just a must

Running as root would do what you want - **but I would never advise it **- and hesitate even to mention it. Yet of course so many windows users already do run just like that.

ok, I believe I am not logging in as root actually. I have a user set up jgf(me) and I am promted the Admin(root) password when I open Yast.

how do I disable the password promt after hybernation?