Parts of AMD ROCm (HIP & others) are available on Tumbleweed

Main manual:

openSUSE provides some packages with GPU:ROCm repository.
For instance, installing AMD HIP (openSUSE Software):

zypper addrepo 
zypper refresh 
zypper install hip

Add GPU:ROCm repository into your system to see all available packages. This openSUSE-Factory repo is incompatible with Leap.

After getting HIP you can run Blender & other stuff on HIP (not tested).
After installing ZLUDA you can get CUDA support and run Blender on CUDA backend. Full path will be Blender → CUDA → ZLUDA → HIP → GPU. Blender runs about 20% faster on CUDA-ZLUDA compared to direct HIP usage.

provides AOMP 18.0.0.

AMD OpenCL package is available:

Installing OpenCL driver:

zypper addrepo
zypper refresh
zypper install amd-opencl

This will install these files:


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