Partitioning: telling Yast to use free space

I am trying to install Suse but I don’t want it to change the partitions I already have on my drive. There are 30GB of unallocated space at the end but I don’t know how to get the installation program to use that as it sees fit.
This is the default choice in Ubuntu, but I don’t seem to find it in Suse.
Am I missing something here?
Thanks in advance

Use custom partitioning and allocate the space as you require, rather letting the installer try and work it out.

Ah. The thing is, I don’t know how to allocate that space - I mean, I don’t know what Suse requires. I know it needs 1 Ext3 /native partition, 1 Ext3 /home and 1 swap partition, but I don’t know how much space each of these needs. I couldn’t find this info in the manuals.
Thanks for your quick reply.

swap 2x RAM - but if you already have a swap you can use that.
/ (10 GB should be enough)
/home (as much as you can)

Create an extended partition of all your free space and then create logical partitions within that.

Set mount points for any other partitions you want to be able to access. But do not format of course.

Thank you, I will do as you say.
I’m surprised the OS needs 10GB, just like windowsXP partition.

With OpenSuse you don’t just get th OS you get all the applications as well

I created the partitions you suggested in partition Magic, which I understand better than Yast) and it worked beautifully.
Thank you for your help,

Excellent news. Well done;)