Partitioning Questions (Boot Failing)

I have a System76 Wild Dog Performance tower from about 2010, and I just installed a new SSD in it. The machine has a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HDD.

The auto-partition is using the 1TB drive for / and /home, and the SSD as swap. I would prefer to have / and swap on the SSD, and then /home on the HDD. Every configuration I try fails to boot; booting to the HDD after install fails and reverts back to the USB installer loader.

In the BIOS, the HDD boot priority is SSD -> HDD and the boot order overall is USB -> Optical -> Hard Drives. I have the option to enable UEFI but it’s disabled.

I’ve tried putting swap first on the SSD, / first on the SSD, enabling MBR, etc etc and it doesn’t work. / and /home are ext4. Thoughts on how this should be configured? Thanks, I’m brand new to OpenSUSE as a convert from Ubuntu.

Update…I went to the option in the installer for “Check installation media” and it took me to I think linuxrc where I was able to choose to boot to sda1…and it completed the installation and booted to xfce. On reboot, it still fails…looks like something is screwy with grub?

Are you using Custom Partitioning to set the mount points where you want them?

Seems to be working now…not sure what I did, just did updates while logged in and I’m good to go :slight_smile: