Partitioning Question?

When I open partitioning section in yast,I have a option for file system and this is my first time:I`m doing on linux general speaking.
My only one question is can I use fat on winxp and of course suse.



Of course You can. You can also use NTFS if you’d like (but if you’d like NTFS then you need to create it with mkfs.ntfs, then isntall ntfsconfig (i’m not completely sure as i don’t use any ntfs partitions for a long time) to allow writing to this partition under openSUSE). Vista will see this partition immediately.

You can use Fat filesystem in winxp and in Suse. You can’t install Suse on a Fat partition. You can’t make files >= 2Gb on Fat16 or >= 4Gb of Fat32. Fat does not support Linux permissions.

In my early days in Linux when NTFS was not safely supported, I used Fat32 extensively as a go-between filesystem for Linux <–> windows file transfers.

Thank you very much for helping me;)