Partitioning Opensuse 11.4

Hello my / is only 20gb and my /home is 436… I was wondering if my / should be more than just 20g thank you

I am currently using around 8.2G in “/”. This is 64 bit, with KDE. And I have installed tex/latex, which is a fairly big package.

Even if you install gnome and another desktop as well as KDE, you should easily manage with 20G.

Of course, if you are using some humongous package, maybe you need more. But only you would know if that applies.

Alright well thank you for that just making sure it wont bite me in the :X later Thank you :slight_smile:

I usually make my root partition 20GB, I have never used more than 12GB of it. Even then that was only because I had a few GB of tmp files…

20GB is more than enough.