partitioning hard-drive

i’m installing openSUSE 11.1 on a 43GB Partition… the other partition is in ntfs and has data only…

now i’m not sure about linux but in windows it’s recommended to install C: on primary partition…

if i create my “/” root “swap” and “/home” partitions on extended will that be a problem?

and what is the advantage of having a “/boot” partition? i will only run one OS on this laptop…

why do you want to create the partitions manually?
use the partitions made automaticly from openSUSE.

In Linux there are no C:, D: or other drives, so that wouldn’t be a problem

because SUSE wouldn’t delete some of my other partitions from previous Fedora 10 setup…

i’m not sure how to just reformat a partition and let yast do the rest…

no, try this way:

delete the partitions from fedora you want to delete and select the rest for the opensuse partitions.

how do i delete the partition? the only way i can see how i would do that is editing the partitions… i’m in the installation process running of live cd

can i add the deleted partitions onto created ones after installation?

I know how to do it with gparted, but it is risky, to do it


No advantage in this situation.