partitioning and error code 1013

hello everyone, just happy to finally be using linux. but of course i am having trouble with commands. so, to the point, i am trying to partition a second hard drive in my box and keep getting the following error message:

 failure occured during following
 action: settinge disk label of 
 disk /dev/sbd to msdos

 system error code -1013

so, this is a bit weird because i don’t want msdos on my computer…at least i don’t think so(?)…i have looked all over the place for system error code 1013 but haven’t found it. i did find error code 10 (not installed i think) and 13 no permission, but don’t know if that is how errors are done in linux.

all i want is to partition my second drive so i have some more room to work. i am using the partition program that came with the suse(it is in the office where i have no internet, that is why i am working from memory here) as i am not ready to tackle command lines yet. any help would be appreciated!


Hi! As I gather, disk “labels” are not disk “names” in linux parlance; “labels” in this context refer to the “type” of disk/partition you’re trying to create. I’d surmise there must be some conflict between the disk type (filesystem) you’re trying to create and some of the attributes you’re giving it. You should go with the defaults in SuSE partition editor - that will give you the best results. Try to create another partition type (FAT32 vs. NTFS or vice-versa) and see if the error persists. There are also partition size limits that have to be observed with filesystems: you may be partitioning a disk that’s simply too big for your given filesystem. Another thing I’d check is, are you creating a primary, an extended, or a secondary partition? In addition, some (linux) filesystems do not support volume “labels” (in the old MS-DOS meaning of “names”), so maybe you’re trying to give a “name” to the disk (such as “BALDRICK’S DRIVE D” or something). Anyway, these are just some siggestions as to where to look. Please, do keep us informed how things are going. I’m curious about this error 1013 too.:wink:

ok. some points that you brought up though:

  • the disk is not too big…it is an old 2gig disk that is now out of production…yes, it still works:P
    -i honestly didn’t even pay attention to the word ‘label’…thx for the heads up!
    -i will try the default…though i thought i had once…:sarcastic:
    -i didn’t even try to enter a name for the disk…is that even possible? will have to have a look.

so, i will be headed out to the office to get internet hooked up (t-online…great>:(). hopefully i will be able to check back here for more information in a couple of hours.

thx for you help!

You’re welcome. Hope someone more savvy than my old self chimes in later. Best of luck.

actually i do not understand how you make partition…

if you new to linux try yast2 from gui there is a partitioner module…

it should by easy

you have /dev/sdb as a second drive… if you have no any important data on your /dev/sdb you need create new partition…
if any exist… delete it and create new one with right fs you want…

of course you can use parted and gparted(gui)

Don’t overlook the fact that you can’t give /dev/sdb a label. You give a partition a label, like e.g. /dev/sdb6.

Are you trying to operate on /dev/sdb or /dev/sdbn, where n is an integer.