Partition Table Setup

In which case I completely misunderstood him.

In any case, a situation where you have to syncronize all your work (documents, music, favorites, destop layout, in short all what makes your personal environment your personal environment and working place, between several home directories on several /home partitions (and that for several users) seems to me something that might be the goal for a one person system where that one person has the hobby to test all sorts of distributions/levels in no particular sequence.

I still have the hope that Linux (and openSUSE in particilar) will be something that can be used as a means to the goal as having a fine workable long living platform for the work that has to be done. The work where computers are invented for. A system, where my wife, my friend at the other side of the village and others whome I talked into using openSUSE, are happy to use it is. Such a systeme is the starting point from where a give advice here. And seen from that starting point, I think it is correct to tell those that use openSUSE for their day to day work, but also have to cater for their own system management and that try to learn a little bit more about the basics of Linux, it is fair to stress the difference between system and user realm. To help them getting the feeling to intuitve understand that changing the colour of their desktop background is their personal choice (and does not ask for root permissions) and changing the IP address is a system parameter (that does ask for root permissions).

hcvv wrote:
> please_try_again;2353453 Wrote:
>> I’m sure @djh-novell meant that (some of) these users
>> configuration/preferences in /home are specific to each OS
>> (distro/version) , not that they are relevant to the system in any way.
> In which case I completely misunderstood him.

please_try_again is right, but it’s my fault for not phrasing it better.

Never mind. These misunderstandings will allways happen as long as we communicate via typing. They will even spring up when communicating face to face (over a beer or not), but then they will most likely be redressed sooner then here. :slight_smile:

The best thing about communicating over a beer is that you forget what you were communicating about when you wake up. lol!