Partition Setup

Basically, I want to remove one of my windows partitions so I can have more space (I want to put all my media from my external HDD on the new partition).

Here is a screen shot of the setup:

The partition I want to remove is ‘Windows D’ (it’s not got anything on it).

What do I need to do? Do I have to edit the file system, mount point etc?

Just format it and set a mount point ex /home/files.
You will have to change permissions in a console as su
**chown yourusername /home/files.
chmod 777 /home/files
**If you chose another mount point change as appropriate

Thanks. I’ll give that a go later. I’m off to the airport!

Hmmmm, this has not gone well…

Best thing to do,would be to format it using a live cd. before doing it in YaST,it is best to unmount the partition first


I think i’ve got it sorted now. I also had a problem with desktop effects again (white screen) but I did some reading on here and fixed it. I’m now trying to get into Amarok and learn how to set it up nicely.