Partition re-sizing?

I have just installed opensuse 11 and got it just right (well almost), I appear to have used up most of my OS partition “/” and have plenty of /home left. it is a dual booting laptop so disk space is a little squeezed.

Is it possible to increase the size of my EXT3 partition by reducing the size of the REISERFS partition?
and why does opensuse use 2 different partition types (not important just curious)?

any help is much appreciated, just hope I can avoid a re-install as I have just done all the updates a whopping 1GB of them or 1036 updates.

As far as I know openSUSE 11.0 does not default to different file systems for the / and /home partitions. Both are ext3 on my computer.

You can re-size your partitions in YaST → System → Partitioner or you could download a live CD of Gparted from here GParted – Welcome

Resizing partitions could take several hours depending on their size and always backup data first.

Just to expand on advice of Harlequin501: you can only resize inactive (unmounted) partitions.

If you log on as root and then unmount the /home partition in Yast Partitioner (for the session), you can then resize that partition using Yast Partitioner because it will be inactive.

But for the root partition you definitely must be outside-looking-in with a Live CD like GParted, so you might as well do it all at once from GParted, including the /home.

A final thought: if the Reiserfs is on the /home partition, you could reformat it now without a reinstall by logging on as root and doing the reformat in Yast’s partitioner. But if Reiserfs is your root partition, you’re stuck with a reinstall unless you do some pretty fancy footwork from a live CD e.g. Knoppix.

Solution proposed by Harlequin501 is the easiest and best of all.
Gparted is an excellent and simple tool.Just downloaded and burn it from here.
Then all u need to do is in these tips

Another afterthought because you mentioned dual booting:
When using GParted, don’t resize any NTFS partitions that were created in Vista. Linux hasn’t caught up with manipulating the new style of NTFS partitions in vista yet. So if you have one and get tempted to resize it, do that from within vista.

Hi! sorry I post my simple (or not?) question in your thread…as you’re talking about partitions. Posted this a few hours ago ( it was meant to be an open question, not just for oldcpu, I’m trying to get openSUSE 11.0 installed as soon as possible…):

**'I am in a journey discovering day after day how stupid or ignorant I am…: **we have two main partitions, / and swap we can create in LInux, allright? What is better, to create an expanded partition and two logical -one for / the other for swap- or two primary partitions?

If I were to choose primary partitions, do I have to “do” something else (indicate something to the MBR or the like) ? If I have to delete LInux in the future or do some major changes, is it better to have logical or primary partitions?Thank you in advance!!

thanks again…


There’s no advantage either way if you are going to delete Linux in the future

It makes no difference to Linux.

The only such requirements that I know of for installing operating systems are:
XP requires it’s boot loader files to be in the first partition and it requires that partition to be both a primary partition and the active partition.
Vista requires it’s boot loader files to be in a primary partition. It requires also that to be an active partition but it does not require it to be the first partition.

Linux is flex about that stuff.

Now you won’t be able to decide, will you lol!

If you are planing to delete the partition (linux) in the future to be safe, be sure that partition to be deleted is in the last part of the drive.

thanks all for your replys I am going to do resize the partition today.

lol! it helps,now I know there`s no problem with creating two primary partitions for LInux, one for swap one for /, I think I’ll do that, just because “primary” sounds more stable…(lol!).

thank you people for helping! and the “motto” is very through, mostly it is breaking things that you learn…most.


sorry, it is TRUTH…