Partition question on install

Hi guys.
Yesterday I installed latest OpenSuse.
Under the installation I selected LVM crypt.
Now to the odd thing.
My HDD is on 120GB.
The system choose first partition called /boot on 70GB, minimum was 40GB.

SO at the end, my /Home and / partitions was only on 5GB and 8GB.

Why does the system take 70GB on /boot when I choose LVM crypt?

Can I some how change this? I want more room on my / and /home.

Even 40GB for /boot is a bit large. My /boot is less then 40Kb (two kernels inside).

IIRC during install you can change everything on the partition schema. Use expert mode or how it is called and change there to what you like.

EDIT: Sorry I did not see that earlier, it is your first post here. Welcome to these Forums!

I’ve currently got a quad boot system and /boot is only 200 MB.

During installation, on the first window with check boxes, uncheck automatic configuration. When the disk partitioning window comes up, check “Create Partition”. On the next window, check “Custom Partition”. The next window will allow you to create the partitioning scheme want.

Advice: Use a separate partition for /home. This will allow you to upgrade without loosing your settings and personal files.

Making the changes you want can be done with Gparted from a liveCD.

Partedmagic is a good choice here.