Partition Layout What I've Got So Far

Been away from Linux for awhile Fedora 3 was the last distro I used. While checking out the newer versions of various distros openSUSE 11.1 caught my eye so I figure I’ll try it out.
I have forgotten much since I last used Linux and I’m having a little trouble with setting up partions. After searching the web this afternoon for info I think I’ve decided on a setup that should work for me. However alot of the info I found was dated so I’m sure some of the recommended disk space for these partitions is no longer accurate.

My hd is 500gigs and openSUSE will be the only OS on it. This is what I have so far.

boot hda1 100mb
root hda2 7-10 gigs
home hda3 should all remaing space go here or elsewhere
swap hda4 8 gigs (twice my ram)

If you erase the disk and just let SUSE default it should do it all nicely. Or just choose use entire disk.

By default SUSE will give you
/ (this is your root partition) probably 20GB approx
/home (user partition) will be big, everything not used by swap and /

You could check these:
Watch a SUSE 11.1 install Slideshow - openSUSE Forums

Install Demo - With Pics and Video - openSUSE Forums

You could consider a separate partition for backup data

Thanks. Those videos were very helpful.


You may wish to consider eliminating the separate /boot partition - there is really not much reason to have it these days unless there is a specific reason to. Otherwise you might just run out of room later if you run multiple kernels (for Xen, custom ones, etc.) If you keep /boot I would make it 200MB min.

Also for swap - 8GB is overkill. 2GB is plenty. That old rule of “twice your memory” is not really that valid these days. It won’t hurt anything of course, but then again you an alway add a swap space later if you needed more.

Good luck with your Suse install - you will find things have greatly improved since the FC3 days!


I thought that guidline about swap being twice your memory might be a little archaic. I’ve noticed a lot has changed since my old fedora days. KDE and gnome look like they have both come along way in 6 years :). However setting up my wireless connection is still a bit of a pain but hopefully I’ll get it sorted out tonight.